Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We are Toyitoyi.

 We are a revolutionary counter-culture. We are the embryo of the new revolutionary society in the body of the old and the sick, dying one. We are the new lifestyle in microcosm, which contains the new social values and the new collective organisations and institutions, which will become the socio-political infrastructure of the free society.

Our objective is to teach new social values of unity and struggle against the negative effects of capitalist society and culture. To do that we must build a class conscious movement (Uhuru Network) that builds class pride and respect, class and social awareness, and to struggle against the capitalist slave masters. This collectivism would be both a repository of class culture and ideology.
We need to change both our lives and our lifestyles, in order to deal with the many interpersonal contradictions that exist in our community. We need to examine the class family, class male/female relationships, the mental health of the Working and Poor community, relations between the community and the ruling class establishment, and among Working and Poor people themselves. We need to hold class consciousness raising sessions in schools, community centres, prisons and in poor communities all over, which would teach our class' history and culture, new liberating social ideas and values to children and adults, as well as counselling and therapy techniques to resolve family and marital problems, all the while giving a Working Class revolutionary perspective to the issues of the day. Our people must be made to see that self-hatred, disunity, distrust, internecine violence, and oppressive social conditions among Working and Poor people are the result of the legacy of slavery and the present day effects of capitalism. Our main objective as a Working Class revolutionary culture is to agitate and organise Working Class people to struggle for their freedom.

We have to counter class self-hatred and the frivolous "party mentality". We also want to end the social degradation of our community, and rid it of drug addiction, prostitution, class-on-class crime, and other social evils that destroy the moral fibre of the Poor community. Drugs and prostitution are mainly controlled by organised crime, and protected by the police, who accept bribes and gifts from gangsters. these negative social values, the so-called dog-eat-dog philosophy of the capitalist system teaches people to be individualists of the worst sort-Willing to commit any kind of crime against each other, and to take advantage of each other. This oppressive culture is what we are fighting. As long as it exists, it will be hard to unify the people around a revolutionary program.